Community Council

Welcome to our Community Council page

The purpose of the Community Council is to involve parents in decision making at the school level.  Elected parents represent the parents of the school and participate in developing plans for improving the school, make decisions on how to best expend School LAND Trust Program monies, and increase public awareness of school trust lands and related policies.

General Information:

Community Council Meetings are generally held the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the Counseling Center.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 11th at 4pm


Rules of Order & Procedures

Community Council Candidate Form

How can I be involved?

Even if you are not elected or currently on the council, please submit any comments or suggestions using the link below so that they can be considered for discussion at our next meeting.

Agenda Items

If you would like something considered for discussion at a Community Council Meeting, please use the link below and a council member will be in contact with you.