College & Career Awareness (CCA) -- 7th Grade

College and Career Awareness offers exploration and preparation in college and career pathways focusing on jobs that are high skill and high demand, as well as satisfying and financially rewarding. The students will be active learners through hands on activities, project based learning, and real-world experiences which are exploratory in nature and fun in design. This course will help students identify their interests, traits, skills, and assist students as they Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR).

Exploring Business & Marketing  -- 7th & 8th Grade

Students learn about the Stock Market and play, as a team, making trades in a simulation game that corresponds with the actual stock market. They learn about economic principles, business types, accounting and marketing, employment and budgeting. Students explore the world of business by creating a business and marketing plan for a team business. They create advertisements, business cards, logos, flyers and packaging for their business. At the end of the term, they sell their products to other classes

Creative Coding -- 7th & 8th Grade

Have you ever wondered how mobile apps are created? Students learn and apply computational thinking and technical knowledge and skills to create mobile apps. Students also acquire and apply skills pertaining to the design process, problem solving, persistence, collaboration, and communication. Go beyond being an app consumer and become an app creator.

Exploring Health Science -- 7th & 8th Grade

This is an exploratory and hands-on course designed to increase awareness of health science professions and explore opportunities in the Health Science pathway. The course explores legal and ethical behaviors, basic communication skills, basic structures and functions of the body, basic healthcare and first aid skills. Students will gain knowledge of the Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) associated with healthcare, HOSA: Future Health Professionals.

FCS Exploration A -- 8th Grade

This course provides students the opportunity to learn essential life skills. It allows students to develop skills in interior design, sewing construction, textiles, fashion, consumerism, free enterprise, and job-related tasks. FCS Exploration A may be taken in conjunction with FCS Exploration B.

FCS Exploration B -- 8th Grade

This course provides students the opportunity to learn essential life skills. It allows students to develop skills in nutrition, childcare, interpersonal relationships, personal responsibility, consumerism, free enterprise, and job-related tasks. FCS Exploration B may be taken in conjunction with FCS Exploration A.

Digital Literacy -- 8th Grade

Computers and electronic devices are everywhere. Let Digital Literacy teach you more about how they work and how they can make your life easier. Learn about cloud computing including Office 365 and apps like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. Learn to record and edit audio and video and how to edit photos. Learn skills that will benefit you for life.

Exploring Technology & Engineering 1 -- 8th Grade

This is a good class to take if you enjoyed the Technology portion of CCA. The focus is to learn how to design and create projects using hand drawings and computer modeling. Students will learn the science behind technology by designing simple machines. The students will learn to use some of the shop equipment to make simple projects. Topics include design and modeling using CAD software, electronics with an introduction to robotics, manufacturing, construction, and energy exploration.

Child Development 1 -- 9th Grade

Come join us as we learn and understand the aspects of child growth and development from conception to age 5 including birth, infancy, toddlers, and preschoolers. You will also learn about human development and pregnancy. Parenting skills are developed as positive guidance techniques and child-related issues are studied. Learning activities and lab experiences in working with young children may be included.

Sewing Construction 1 -- 9th Grade

Come join us as we learn about the exciting world of Apparel Design. You will learn how to use a sewing machine and serger to create apparel and accessory items. You will learn basic fitting and sewing construction skills. The skills you will learn will be lifelong and will prepare you for careers in the apparel industry and or entrepreneurial opportunities. Students will be able to earn a Skills Certificate providing them a career “jump-start” in the industry.

Interior Design 1 -- 9th Grade

Come join us as we explore the creative world of interior design. You will learn the foundation of interior design-the elements and principles of design. Students will work with color concepts and schemes, textures, fabrics, floors, walls, and window treatments, kitchen design, lighting, and home furnishings through individual projects. Other topics include furniture arrangement basics, floor plan evaluation, area planning and careers. This course allows students to develop their creativity while applying the principles and elements of design in this exciting world of interiors

Foods & Nutrition 1 -- 9th Grade

This course is designed to focus on the science of food and nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Students participate in many hands-on experiences with food safety and sanitation, culinary technology, food selection/preparation skills, meal management, and dietary analysis. Students will have the opportunity to earn a Skills Certificate, providing them a career “jump-start” in the industry, as well as the opportunity to obtain a ServSafe food handler permit.

Exploring Computer Science (Digital Studies Credit) -- 9th Grade

This is a fun class that takes the concepts of computer science and breaks them down into easy-to-understand lessons. Students will learn to do such things as learn about parts of a computer, computer problem solving, computer programming, Artificial Intelligence, and webpage development. Students will have fun learning the basics of HTML and CSS to develop simple webpages, create and code programs and games into Python and learn to code computer devices using Neo Pixels. The best part is students get Digital Studies credit from this class, have fun, and will look forward to coming to class every day.

Web Development 1 (Digital Studies Credit) -- 9th Grade

This is a course designed to guide students in a project-based environment, in the development of up-to-date concepts and skills that are used in the development of today’s websites. Students will learn the fundamentals of how the Internet works. They will learn and use the basic building blocks of the World Wide Web: HTML5 coding and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). They will follow the steps to create a website by planning, designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining website projects. Students will learn and use different scripting technologies to create more dynamic and interactive websites. They will learn what it takes for a career in web development as they complete projects and create their own website(s). The best part is students get Digital Studies credit from this class, have fun, and look forward to coming to class every day.

Engineering Technology 1 -- 9th Grade

In this course, you will be introduced to the world of engineering. Students will discuss the academic and career paths open and learn basic concepts of engineering design. This course includes several projects which emphasize the fundamentals of design as a language for communication in all engineering fields. Students in engineering teams apply research, technology, science, mathematical concepts and skills to design, test, and analyze engineering projects.

Construction Technology/Green Architecture -- 9th Grade

This course provides an alternative approach to construction and building. The "green" architect attempts to safeguard air, water, and earth by choosing eco-friendly building materials and construction practices. In this class, you will have hands on opportunities while working individually and in group settings.