Donna Anderson
Centennial Junior High

Get to Know me video

Supply List for all classes

  1. Mask
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Pen or pencil
  4. Folder to keep returned assignments
  5. Paper or notebook for notes
  6. Colored pencils or markers
  7. Scissors

Class Fees

$15 for Exploring Computer Science
$10 for Digital Literacy
$15 for Exploring Business & Marketing
$10 for Web Design 1
$0 for Thunder Academy


A Day

1st -  Period Prep Period
2nd - Period Digital Literacy
3rd - Period Exploring Computer Science
4th - Period Exploring Business & Marketing

B Day

5th - Period Exploring Business and Marketing
6th - Period Digital Literacy
7th - Period Digital Literacy
8th - Period Prep Period



  • All assignments will be posted in Canvas.
  • Most, but not all assignments will be submitted to Canvas
  • It is highly recommended parents get their own Canvas account to check on their students assignment submissions. (See School Web Page, Quick Links, Canvas)
  • Students who are absent or are on alternate days can access assignments through Canvas.
  • Grades should always be checked in Canvas This Year.