2024-2025 Cheerleaders listing

Parent Meeting on Wednesday, April 17th at 3:15pm
in the Counseling Center 


Any student who seeks to tryout for cheerleading must have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.0 in each of the three terms preceding tryouts.  Additionally, students must not have received more than one F or more than one U total during the three terms preceding tryouts and no more than 1 N in any of the previous three terms. If a U citizenship grade was received during the three terms prior to tryouts, that U must be cleared before the first day of tryouts.

Students chosen as a cheerleader shall maintain a 3.0 GPA with no “F’s,” no “U’s,” and no “N’s”. Failure to comply with these standards shall result, first, in being placed on probation. If probation fails, the cheerleader will be removed from the squad.  Cheerleaders may refer to the Standards Committee for further consideration of their standing.

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